Dieting Post Grad

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Check out my my intake pics and my progress pics

Ultimate goal is to make a NFL/NBA dance team. Trying to lose weight & get healthy by eating clean & working out almost every day. I've lost over 15lbs since January & I would like to lose 20-30 more.

I meal prepped all my meals for the week!

Each one is a spinach and romaine salad and then I chopped red pepper, green pepper, yellow onion, green onion and cucumbers and plopped in some baby carrots and grape tomatoes. I’m topping it with the deli turkey bits and using the yummy wishbone basil balsamic dressing.

I have grapes, pears and apples to have on the side as well as some other snacks.

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To Do list

- unpack
- clean room
- clean bathroom
- tidy living room
- clean kitchen
- find a place to put all the food and new dishes
- go to farmers market (limit $17)
- work on alumnae stuff (update website, work on newsletter, survey)
- watch canes game
- blog
- finish lib books and return

- finish cleaning if stuff is left
- alumnae board meeting
- meal prep!
- blog

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15 weeks to get my shit together

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Putting in your headphones and tuning out the whole office


Putting in your headphones and tuning out the whole office

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Made an awesome dinner. My version of #sundayfunday

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Going to the beach on the 28

Goal is to make it into the next weight bracket. I only have 3.3 lbs to lose in two weeks!

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